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Sunday, 15 January 2017

S2 fixed

Finally got the S2 shutter sorted and the camera rebuilt. Besides the shutter issues, the mirror had slipped and required removing and refitting, the focus screen was scratched and needed replacing, someone had glued an eyepiece to the camera that had to be removed and the glue cleaned off, the meter was dead and the seals needed replacing. All now done so I just need to load a film and start using it.


  1. I do love the S2 excellent viewfinder when using fast lenses F1.4 lenses give a really precise focus. I presume that the viewfinder is the same as on the Aria, it looks the same to me. the metering on mine seems to over-expose by 1 stop consistently though.

    1. The S2 and the Aria use the same focus screens so, in terms of what you see, yes they will be the same. Though I'm not sure all the components are the same so, for instance, the magnification may be different if the viewfinder lenses are different.

    2. You can adjust the exposure using the bottom of the three adjustments that are exposed when you remove the plastic cover inside the film cartridge chamber. There's more details in the service manual which you can download from the Documents page on the main Contax 139 site.